Call for the Macaws!

That’s what our repeat customers say when they have a data-related challenge.

Why Macaws?

Well, because we’re bright, bold, speak your language and have made our home in the Amazon – Amazon Web Services in our case. But that doesn’t mean we don’t work with other clouds. In fact, we’re more than happy to apply our professional services data expertise to your existing technology stack, saving you time, hassle and cost.

Data driven results, for you and your business.

We provide intelligent solutions to your data needs. Bringing real added value from data is what we do, going beyond the complex engineering tasks, we’ll optimise your data pipelines and structures to support the necessary changes in business process.

Data is everywhere. It’s a valuable business asset and essential to help your organisation make better decisions. But we’ve all had the frustration of dealing with data and complex architectures  that don’t help — We’ll bring trust, confidence and compliance to your data, with meaningful governance, control and oversight.

We are experts in:

Optimisation – Getting more value out of your existing data;

Large scale data engineering projects – Optimising  large volumes of complex data to maximise compute efficiency;

Architecture – Designing systems that scale and perform well;

Consumption – Maximising value and process performance.

We believe the only way you can unlock true value from your data is to use our expertise to combine it with intelligent thinking. We partner with you from discovery through design and delivery to deployment. We help organisations communicate insights to act on.

Our Vision

Crimson Macaw will be the partner of choice for cloud-based data and analytics, delivering inventive enterprise-class solutions that maximise the power and elasticity of the public cloud and the technologies running on these platforms.

We will enable companies to discover new insights and leverage significant additional value from data through technical excellence and professional diligence.


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