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We know how to quickly deliver insight and value from your company’s data assets. We’ll make Big Data easy for you to wrap your arms around and set you up for listening and reacting to what’s happening in your business — in real time.

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About Us

Using the latest technology and pragmatic thinking that’s been honed over many years of delivering Data Solutions. We know how to surface your data to create the insights that will enable business leaders to make improved, data-driven, decisions.

Keeping pace with bleeding edge technology, we operate under an agile delivery framework that enables us to delivery incrementally and remain responsive to client needs.

Data Strategy & Architecture

Whether you are a seasoned cloud user for data and analytics or looking to map your way through the myriad of options available, we support clients to shape their data strategy and develop a supporting architecture.

Infrastructure as Code

We create scalable, secure and flexible infrastructure using the latest code deployment technologies to meet your current and future needs as an organisation.

Data Engineering

The explosion of social and digital information available to today’s businesses has made managing data increasingly complex. Utilising AWS and Elastic technologies, we create elegant solutions to solve your data management challenges.

Data Warehousing & Analytics

It is important for you to have a single trusted source of data. That’s why we have honed our delivery approach from conception to implementation and run, to ensure we deliver the best solution for our clients so that you can rely on your data.

Data Science

Insights gained from data science can be used throughout an entire company, from sales to supply chain. We apply statistical techniques, machine learning and AI to get answers from your data and create intuitive dashboards and visualisations to help share these findings.



We treat each other, our clients and partners with respect and embed equality and inclusively as pillars of everything we do


We take pride in what we do and the way that we do it


We are laser focused on being flexible whilst providing delivery certainty


We deliver the highest quality products and services


We always enjoy what we are doing, but ensuring our customers enjoy the results is key

Thematic Approach

We are connected across practices and deliver holistically


Amazon Web Services

As AWS Advanced Consulting Partners we are trusted and certified to deliver AWS solutions to meet your business challenges. We hold certifications in AWS Architecture, Dev ops, Sys Ops combined with technical & business professional accreditation’s. We utilise the vast number of data solutions provided by AWS to deliver a fantastic and bespoke client experience of the cloud. Our experience and knowledge with AWS has enabled us to deliver cutting edge, secure and compliant data platforms for our clients.

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Tableau is business intelligence software that helps people see and understand their data, great visualisations can ensure that a single dashboard can tell a complex story. We develop visualisations that help clients discover insights into their business, quickly getting that information to the hands of business users anywhere at any time.

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Snowflake is built for speed, even with the most intense workloads. Its patented architecture separates compute from storage so you can scale up and down on the fly, without delay or disruption. You get the performance you need exactly when you need it. We love snowflake as it presents our customers with a fantastic speed to market proposition for cloud data warehouse

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Matillion have reversed the traditional ETL process (from Extract-Transform- Load to Extract-Load-Transform) to create an ELT solution that performs data integration within the cloud itself.

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ElasticSearch provides a Scalable and speedy search, analytics, and storage capability. Kibana enables us to visualise your Elastic search results, again in real time, providing a great real-time insight to whats happening in your business. The use of Canvas allows you to create be-spoke visualisations and Crimson Macaw are a leading Elastic partner for be-spoke canvas visualisations.


Looker & Crimson Macaw, believe that everybody should have access to reliable analytics to make data-driven decisions. Their approach to analytics provides a rich and flexible data platform that takes advantage of the latest technology advances of storing and processing huge amounts of data. This is not just modern BI, this is a modern data platform that can serve the data needs of an entire company.

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Crimson Macaw Shortlisted as ProlificNorth Tech Award Finalists

Crimson Macaw has been shortlisted by The Judges of the ProlificNorth Tech Awards in the category of Best Cloud Service Provider. Our data and analytics offering Powered by AWS and using the planets biggest 'built for the cloud' database Snowflake. Crimson Macaw supports its customers by delivering solutions that enable them to use their data more effectively with great insights and innovative operational reporting.

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TfGM Move More Analytics Workloads to the Cloud

The ‘Under the Stairs’ project was a data migration project, moving 50+ data feeds in 9 different file formats and 6 different third party APIs into existing cloud data warehouses so that the client could create broader and deeper analytics about customer journeys.

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PZ Cussons

PZ Cussons had a wealth of data in on-premise systems and in other system managed by third parties in their overseas subsidiaries. Additionally, being an FMCG company PZ Cussons consume considerable amounts of third-party market data to better understand their customers and markets.

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