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We exist to deliver enterprise-level cloud data capabilities for organisations of all sizes, enabling them to quickly achieve smarter, data-driven decision making while staying focused on their business.


Our Values

  • Pace: We are swift, seamless, fast and agile. You can trust us to deliver at pace

  • Trust: With our wealth of knowledge, you can trust us to find the right solution

  • Value: We unlock the true value in your data with a quick and cost-controlled approach

  • Expertise: Authority in cloud-based data systems; DevOps, Data Engineering, Visualisation, Analysis and AI we can solve all of your data needs


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We are proud of our partner network, and ensure we work with the best in the industry to bring you the latest and greatest cloud-based technologies to solve all your data needs

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We have lots of data and information on the transport network and the challenge is capturing all this information, the dependencies and getting insight from it. When we don’t have to worry about technology, infrastructure, storage or performance, it means we can concentrate and focus on getting insight to improve the transport network and travel of people in Greater Manchester.

Malcolm Lowe, Head of IT at Transport for Greater Manchester

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