Data Science

Unlock the business value of data science by automatically identifying opportunities, making better decisions, and automating processes.

Data science can transform organisations of all sizes, unlocking new ways to drive better business decisions. Data and analytics have been increasingly used to identify opportunities, automate processes, and reduce risk.

At Crimson Macaw we understand the various business challenges of segmentation and how data science can overcome these through the automation of processes, reducing manual efforts, increasing accuracy, and improving decision-making quality


What makes Data Science hard? 

There is too much data and insufficient time to know what is needed to move forward.

Actionable insights are often buried in noisy data hard to sift through. More importantly, models can only do so much due to their limitations in understanding causal relationships.

Well-defined experiments are the better alternative when you want to see what drives outcomes, but they take time and resources that companies don’t have.


How we can help

Great data science starts with asking the right questions.

We believe that testing and calibrating ideas should be quick and simple. There’s no room for guesswork in harnessing your data for better business decisions, which is why we speak in the language that matters to our clients: business.

We understand that getting the most out of your data means focusing on data products, not data projects.  This means that small pieces of useful output are delivered in order to allow you to make the most of the work, without wasting time on inefficient processes.


Where we can help

Data Science encompasses many techniques, from deep learning and big data analytics to statistics and machine learning. Here are some of the areas that could help you:


Segment your customers to understand best how to in interact with them.

Use time-series models to improve your sales forecasting.

Anomaly detection to speed up defect detection.

Object detection and counting from video streams.

Natural language processing to better what issues your customers are having.

Bayesian analysis to create a ‘next best action’ for a business process.

Munsoor Negyal Director of Data Science and Co-Founder

Our Data Science practise is headed up by Munsoor Negyal, who is one of the four founding partners of Crimson Macaw.

Munsoor had over 25 years of experience working with data, covering a wide variety of organisations and industries including Retail, Government, Travel and Price Comparison.

With an MSC in Data Science, Munsoor closely works with clients, partners, and our wider team. He also works in close collaboration with his best friend Sidney, a golden retriever and Crimson’s very own office dog (although his code can sometimes be a little woof).

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They completely transformed the way we review our MI, a game-changer!!

James Slater, Operations Director, Direct Accident Management Ltd

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