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Create a plan to harness your data your way

Whether you’re a seasoned cloud user for data and analytics or have no clue where to start, Crimson Macaw can help you do more with your data. When it comes to data and analytics, there are so many principle and framework choices out there.

We take the hassle out of sifting through the myriad options by understanding what you want to do with your data, working in partnership with you to create a data architecture strategy that meets your business needs.

When we’re settled on the approach, we’ll then develop the architecture that perfectly supports your strategy.


What makes architecture & delivery hard?

Every data project is underpinned by the correct architecture and delivery. Projects often follow similar patterns, whether it is a purely agile or waterfall approach or some combination.

But within the familiar, the devil is in the detail. Experience and flexibility are needed to understand when projects are going off course when vital pieces of architecture are needed, when project budgets are in danger, when the development is off track or if the team is under stress. These are key skills built up over years, and often stuff that is learned by making mistakes in the real world.

How we can help

Data projects need to be run efficiently and deliver the right solution.

Whether companies have some or all the required skills Crimson Macaw can help with offering ideas, or people that can get projects delivered with the correct architecture repeatedly and effectively.

Where we can help

Delivery encompasses many techniques. Here are some of the areas that could help you:

Agile project management

Agile coaching

Architecture consultancy

Well Architected Framework Reviews

Architecture maturity review


Antony Melvin Architecture & Planning Practice Lead

The Architecture & Delivery practice is headed by Antony Melvin.

Antony has worked in software roles – development, management, architecture and delivery – over the last 25 years in a range of verticals for consultancies and client side, for small startups all the way up to FTSE100 companies.

He has a BA(Hons) in Business Studies and swears by a daily moisturising policy.

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We have lots of data and information on the transport network and the challenge is capturing all this information, the dependencies and getting insight from it. When we don’t have to worry about technology, infrastructure, storage or performance, it means we can concentrate and focus on getting insight to improve the transport network and travel of people in Greater Manchester.

Malcolm Lowe, Head of IT at Transport for Greater Manchester

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